How Stress Affects Your Hair

We all know that stress cannot only affect our mental and emotional well-being, but our physical health as well. Unfortunately, the connection between stress and hair loss is not a myth. Stress can in fact contribute to excessive hair loss, although heredity and other factors can play a part as well. Before you start counting […]

Hair Colors to Dye For: Tips for Dyeing Your Hair

There’s just something so sexy about being a woman. Buying new lingerie, donning a new look with a great makeover, trying out a new hairstyle or color…. We all need a change sometimes, and what better to change than the color of our hair? Dyeing our hair a new shade shifts us into a new […]

How to Donate Your Hair

Cancer. It’s an ugly word. And to countless children and adults alike, it often means undergoing chemotherapy, as well as other treatments to battle this deadly disease. One of the many side effects of Chemotherapy is that a person’s hair falls out. This may sound like a trivial side effect, considering the serious nature of […]